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Higher Education HP

Higher Education includes all forms of education after students graduate from Senior Secondary School (private and public). Higher Education is responsible for guaranteeing that students will achieve success in their future vocational and social activities. Effective communication between all parties; Higher Education, Senior and Junior Secondary Education is currently more important than ever so as to ensure that teacher training needs (which are rapidly changing) are being addressed. You can visit the Higher Education Homepage at http://PT.pendidikan.Net.

Senior Secondary HP

After three years at SLTP the Indonesian education system requires students to complete a further three years at a Senior Secondary School (SLTA) before they can participate in formal Tertiary Education at University level. There are many types of Senior Secondary Schools (SMA, SMUN, SMK, MAN, etc.) including; Public, Vocational, and Religious. It is probably important to note that in Indonesia the public school sector maintains dual vocational (SMK) and professional streaming (SMU). However, while the number of places in tertiary institutions remains inadequate and education is relatively expensive only a small proportion of SMU students actually participate. This poses some major questions as to the relevence of a purely academic SMU curriculum and the effeciency of a dual system. You can visit the the Senior Secondary Education Homepage at http://SLTA.pendidikan.Net.

Primary & Junior Secondary

Indonesian Basic Education consists of nine years of compulsory education. However, in many provinces some students still do not attain an education beyond Primary School. While the number of students attending Primary Schools is generally high the standards of the schools themselves vary greatly. Building maintenance is a major issue. Communities generally don't appear to exhibit a "sense of ownership" and schools sometimes have gaping holes in walls and flooring. The two main determining factors that greatly affect a student's prospects for an education beyond Primary School are socio-economics and availability of places. After six years of Primary Education, at the age of about 12, students should enter Junior Secondary School (SLTP). Many Junior Secondary Schools are now developing very helpful intra and extra-curricular activities including some vocational training. You can visit the SD/SLTP homepage at http://SLTP.pendidikan.Net.

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Education Indonesia Network

EducationIndonesia.Network was created to bring together education information, resources, articles, and feedback from the general education community. We provide education development information and resources in the areas of education technology, scholarships, School-Based Management, education policy, etc. We also provide student and teacher forums and many other avenues for visitor participation including the posting of articles from the field. The main purpose of the site is to assist education practicioners and learners in the field. [Information For New Visitors]

National Resurrection

Of course "Indonesia Can!" But when? When will we overcome the 'corruption culture', which is not the culture of our people, and begin to work together to assist our citizens and our country, instead of looking for opportunities to exploit our citizens and rape our country? When will we overcome the corruption that enslaves us and is killing the development of our country and especially the futures of our coming generations, our children? If we start now hopefully next year we can truely celebrate "Hari Kebangkitan Nasional" with new hope and enthusiasm. Advance Indonesia - Advance!

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English Education News
Education Profile in News

Please Note: For 10 years we have been working for and with anyone who shared our interest in Indonesian education. We have answered thousands of questions from the field, placed many thousands of comments and registrations on our websites, and responded to education issues as they have emerged, sometimes requiring the creation of special sites to highlight the issues.

Because our target audience is Indonesian education practitioners and the Ministry of Education our work has been conducted in the Indonesian language (Bahasa Indonesia). As from the beginning of October we are going to commence translation of information and articles that we believe will be of interest into English language.

With this new site EducationIndonesia.Net we have commenced laying the foundations (September 29, 2008). Please be patient if you find English pages are still in progress, it's a mammoth job.
Regards, Webmaster

Around Current News Issues

Budget Increases, The MOE Working Together With Supervising Organizations
(Secretary General MOE Dodi Nandika)

JAKARTA--MI: (In brief) Because the budget for education has been raised to 20 percent or Rp224 Trillion in the new APBN for 2009, it needs extra supervision of the management and education implementation.

In order to achieve this, the MOE (Depdiknas) plan to hire supervising staff from the Finance Supervision and Development Board (BPKP), higher education (PT), and the Commission for Eradicating Corruption (KPK), Friday (12/9).

This is the news we have been waiting for!

Hopefully the supervising staff that they are going to hire will be honest, professional, diligent, and ready to work hard!

The supervisors will need to examine all receipts, the actual duration of field activities, and frequently go into the field to check the products and their quality for all expenditure. This is not something that can be done in the office! They will need to check with recipiants in the field as well as with suppliers.

Remember!!! "Corruption occurs at all levels from the MOE (Depdiknas), education offices, and schools"

"We Must Improve Teaching & Learning Activities"
(Phillip Rekdale)

"We believe that improving the quality of Teaching and Learning Activities (TLA) is the most important issue related to achieving quality education in Indonesia. However, before we discuss specific TLA issues we need to discuss some general issues and define some specific issues that determine the quality of education."

"At the Senior High School lever (SMU/A/K) we can still see many learning activities in the schools that are not yet Student Centered. Maybe because there are still many teachers that aren't familiar with the process, or as we sometimes hear, the teachers are still doubtful that they can finish the curriculum on time using PAKEM methodology. However, by utilizing the PAKEM L/T process the students can learn very quickly and enjoy the learning experience while gaining other forms of learning i.e. life skills, self-mangement, independence, research, etc, while they are learning the main or primary topic."

"It's in Higher Education where we can witness teaching and learning practices in most classes that are very passive. The learning process is usually very 'lecturer centered' with the students tending to "sit sweetly", and they are rarely involved actively in the learning process."

Complete article: Here

President: Don't Let There Be Any Schools In Poor Codition
(President RI)

JAKARTA--MI: (In Brief) President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono asked the MOE and district heads not to allow any school buildings to be in poor condition in context with the new 20 percent APBN 2009 education budget."

To the Govenors, District Heads (Bupati) and Mayors (Walikota) I ask that you no longer have any schools that are in a pitiful state of repair. The president, when opening the Astronomy and Astrophysics Olimpiade at the National Palace, said that he will check the situation in the districts Wednesday (20/8).

You won't need to go very far Mr President.........
70 Percent Of School Buildings in DKI (Jakarta) Are In Bad Repair

JAKARTA--MI: About 70% of Primary and Junior Secondary buildings (SD-SMP) in DKI Jakarta are damaged. In order to repair them, the Provincial Government (Pemprov) DKI must ask for assistance from the central government.

If 70% of schools in Jakarta are in poor repair, what is the situation like in the outer districts???

Journal Education Indonesia Network

One Laptop Per Child

Education Net Supports The Program "One Laptop Per Child"

"Classroom Of The Future" - Which future?

Our Education Network is founded upon thirty-three (33) basic sites (see here) However, we now have over 70 active education sites and forwarding domain names. We also produce the main entry page in eight (8) languages (including English) in order to achieve a more global appeal:


If you are a Student, an Educator, Alumni, or a Citizen who cares about education please register at:


In order to achieve educational reform in Indonesia your voice needs to be heard. Please visit our Forums, Comments, and Aspiration pages and enter you comments.

At Pendidikan.Net and all our sites your participation and assistance is highly valued. Successful improvement to the quality of education in Indonesia will only be achieved when we can mobilize* all the human resources available and begin to work together. A key element for achieving effective mobilization is communication.

What is Quality Education?

Teacher-based education where the welfare and abilities of the teachers are satisfactory, and the schools are in good condition, with a curriculum that meets the needs of the students, and is 'well balanced' (includes many forms of skills training including technology), that is implemented using contextual learning is the solution for preparing our children for the challenges of the future.

Dear Minister of Education, let's work together to address all education issues so that we acheive true quality education in Indonesia for all...

Education Budget 20% - Clean!!! Without Corruption and Price Mark-Ups ... Please give your attention to the real issues in the field!

"Must Find Medicne For Corruption Virus" - Virus?
Not A Pack Of Thieves Who Need Arresting?
Please read!

"Bambang Sudibyo (our Minister of Education) added that, with ICT facilities we will be capable of addressing access to quality education, that till now is difficult to access by those in isolated areas." (ANTARA News).

Excuse me Sir, what do you mean by "access to quality education" what quality education, where is it?
Please let us know Sir!

We are always searching for new sources of learning and teaching mateials on the Internet for our students and teachers. Please send links to our DataBase sections: "Learning Materials Sites" or "Teaching Materials Sites"

There are two issues that we believe are very important for everyone to work on:

1. The Reading Habit. Try to read at least 2 articles every day from Media Indonesia Online:
Media Indonesia Online
and Republika Online
Republika Online

2. English Language Skills. If you read 1 article from The Jakarta Post every day you will certainy see some improvement.

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Education Technology
[ E-Pendidikan.Com ]

Because of the large distances between the provinces in Indonesia opening up communication between the various educational sectors will be difficult. The Internet offers an option for addressing this issue. What is the Internet? What do we need to connect to the Internet? How can our school finance connecting to the Internet? What about computer and Language Laboratories? How can we get Free E-Mail and Free Homepages? These and many other questions are answered at E-Pendidikan.Com.

Employment Website
[ Menganggur.Com ]

Generally it is accepted that there are two forms of education; Vocational Education and General or Professional Education. However, it is the opinion of the writer of this homepage that only one form exists because all education is geared towards employment (regardless of whether you graduate from technical school or medical school). Menganggur Homepage was created in order to provide another link in the education chain and help achieve more Global Outcomes for our students and educators.
Visit Menganggur

School Development

During this Era of Educational Reform and Development how can Principals, Teachers, Students, and their Communities work together to assure the future development of "quality" education in schools (quality itself needs to be defined and may well bring about a new paradigm)? "The keys to this development are open communication and transparency." The objective of this homepage is to provide curent information and links to articles that will assist schools and communities achive quality and meaningful outcomes for their students SchoolDevelopment.Net

Teachers' Corner Int'l
[ TeacherCorners.Com ]

Teachers' Corner has been created in response to the many requests we have received at Pen-friends.Net for international teacher contacts from all corners of the planet. The primary objective is to assist with foreign language learning, information exchange, and the promotion of international academic cooperation. The list of teachers (& schools) on this site is being developed as a resource for both teachers and students who wish to make contact for the purposes of friendship, support, and the sharing of ideas and knowledge. Teachers can make contact and discuss issues "real time" in our Teachers Chat Room. You can arrange Chat Room meetings, find pen-friends in other schools, and check for news on our Teachers' Corner Message Board.

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